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          All size PopTops for CARS are Arctic White in color and made of Tyvek.

      CAR Sizes/Quantity: 
               Small  $79.99
              Medium  $79.99
               Large  $79.99
             X-Large  $79.99
                 C11  $79.99
                 C12  $79.99
                 C14  $79.99
                 C15  $79.99
                 C16  $79.99 
                 C17  $79.99 
                 C18  $79.99 (Smart Car thru 2016)
                 C19  $79.99 (Fiat 500)
                 C20  $79.99 (VW New Beetle Convertible)
                 C21  $79.99 (Smart Prime 2017+)
                 C30  $99.99 (C4 - Corvette Coupe 1983-1996)
                 C32  $99.99 (C5 - Corvette Cpe/Convt 1997-2004)
                 C34  $99.99 (C6 & C7 - Corvette Cpe/Convt 2005-2016)

          TRUCK covers are made from 'aircraft quality material' and are white in color.

    TRUCK Sizes/Quantity: 
                 T51  $119.99 (New design - Available January 9, 2017)
                 T52  $119.99 (New design - Available January 9, 2017)
                 T53  $119.99 (New design - Available January 9, 2017)
                 T54  $119.99 (New design - Available January 9, 2017)
                 T55  $119.99 (New design - Available January 9, 2017)

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Shipping & Insurance: All orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail and include insurance and a tracking number. Delivery time: 1-3 days U.S.; 6-10 days international California Sales Tax: - 9.5% ________________________________________
Note to Californians --- Stop the Sacramento Tax Factory

New taxes for 2017
- We are now taxed $0.10 per bag to carry our groceries out of the supermarket. WHY! - Our Gasoline tax was increased $0.12 per gallon. Regular gas (November 2017) $3.32 in CA, National average $2.54 (AAA). - The Diesel fuel tax was increased $0.20 per gallon. Now everything you buy will increase. - Vehicle Registration was increased. How much? If you own a $35,000 vehicle you will pay an additional $150 per year ($350 presently + $150 = $500 annually). - A $2.00 tax increase per pack of cigarettes. What’s next? A tax on text messages? - A new real estate document fee imposes a minimum of $75. - An increase in Sales tax - An increase in State Income tax – 13.3%, highest in the nation.
So I ask, Why do you keep voting for these Sacramento Politicians? STOP IT!!!
________________________________________ Shipping Rate: USA - Free Priority Shipping Canada - $30.00 first item, $5.00 each additional item International - 48.00 first item, $10.00 each additional item


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