car covers - car sun shades

car covers - car sun shadescar covers - car sun shades

car covers - car sun shades
Believing in America
In August 2010 we made a decision to move our manufacturing from China back to the USA. 100% of our products are made in America.
For Summer Use
      "Thanks - - - it was 106 degrees yesterday here in
  Tucson and the 'PopTop' works wonders - pull the top off
  - open the door and it is actually civilized inside!!!
  Makes ALL the difference in the world compared to the
  handy-dandy silver windshield screen!!"
  Rich R. - AZ, 1995 Classic Red Mazda Miata owner

For Winter Use
   "Received your car cover in the mail yesterday. Put it on a couple hours before a snow storm here in Milwaukee, and it worked great. First time all winter I didn't have to scrape my windows. Great product!!"
Candace W. - WI, Chrysler Concorde owner

car covers - car sun shades
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Demonstration Videos Heat Signature with a PopTop
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The California PopTop™ keeps the roof 50 to 70 degrees cooler than the body of the vehicle.      Bottom line...
No cover can protect your interior better than a PopTop!

car covers - car sun shades (Infrared photos showing the heat signature of a vehicle on a sunny day.)

These vehicles were fitted with a PopTop at 10 AM and were left to bake in the 105 degree heat for 3 hours. While the vehicle bodies reached temperatures of 147 degrees (black vehicle), the roof temperature only ranged between 65 and 80 degrees.

The California PopTop's
Arctic-white material reflects so much sunlight it almost feels cool,
even on a sunny day.

Don't let your interior burn up when you're parked at work or play!
This is your full sun shade for everyday use...for about the price of a tank of gas!

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"Sun-Block" for your Vehicle Interior
car covers - car sun shades
car covers - car sun shades

  • Covers all windows
  • Install or remove in less than a minute
  • Virtually eliminates solar heat build-up
  • Anti-theft feature
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Super strong, lightweight material by DuPont
  • Blocks 99.8% of the sun's UV rays
  • Water resistant yet breathable
  • Built-in storage bag for clean and easy storage
  • Extremely small (football size) storage package
  • Weighs about a pound, less bulk than a car cover
  • No conflict with fender-mounted antennas
  • Protects contents from prying eyes
  • Prevents heat damage to speakers, CDs & DVDs
  • Doesn't hide the vehicle's beauty and style
  • Near-custom fit

  California To Ban Black Cars?
(Fact or Fiction)

   The California Air Resources Board (CARB) follows the
   accepted fact that the darker the color of car, the more
   energy it takes to cool the car, thus an increase in
   emissions. CARB will require vehicle surfaces to reflect at
   least 20 percent of solar energy by 2012, a figure that no
   black auto paint can currently achieve.

   Proposed Action: Ban black cars from California.
   However, negative reaction from the "people" have made
   them rethink this approach. Yet the problem remains.

   Various articles from Google search for "California To Ban Black Cars".)

Solution: Since the California PopTop can keep any
colored vehicle cooler, less emissions are generated. So, bring on the black cars.

Fact: The California PopTop reflect about 50% of the solar energy that hits the surface of a parked vehicle. If you
consider the hottest surfaces of a vehicle (hood, trunk, roof and windows) the California PopTop reflects 71% of the
solar energy. (Based on tests using a 2000 Honda Accord Sedan.)

So, besides protecting your interior and soft top from the Sun's damaging UV rays; besides virtually eliminating heat build-up within your vehicle… by applying the California Air Resources Board's research, the California PopTop also reduces emissions that contribute to Global Warming.


  SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) is the world's largest auto accessories trade show.

  • The California PopTop was selected as a recipient of the international New Product Award from among 2200 new products introduced at the SEMA Show, Nov. 2006.

  The National Tradeshow Reporter

  • The California PopTop was featured in their special automotive edition publication as one of their Top 25 Product Picks from SEMA 2006.
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