sun shade car cover installation
sun shade car cover cavalier

The California PopTop is ergonomically designed, so it's easily installed or removed in less than a minute. Since you've probably never used a product like this before, it's advantageous to review the videos or the step-by-step procedure to enhance your experience.


The California PopTophas a very small storage package---about the size of a football. The storage bag is attached to the underside of the cover (like a shirt pocket) and is turned inside out when in use, so the bag always remains clean even when your vehicle isn't.

(Note: Extra-Large size PopTop shown in photo)

car cover sun shade storage
Starting on the driver's side, undo the storage-bag strap and push the PopTop out of the storage bag, from the bottom, onto the windshield. Then, unroll it across the windshield. Locate the black starter strap and slip it over the driver-side mirror. Locate the PopTop mirror pocket for the driver's side (the thick white elastic strap goes under the mirror) and position it over the driver-side mirror.
(Do not slip the mirror through the opening.)

On the passenger side of the vehicle, locate the other PopTop mirror pocket and position it over the passenger-side mirror. Locate the hook attached to the black nylon cord. Grab the hook and walk to the rear of the vehicle, pulling the PopTop over the roof.
Position each nylon cord in the gap between the trunk and fender. (Optional) To utilize the Anti-Theft feature, tie a large knot at the end of the nylon cords and slip it into the trunk. Pull the nylon cords tightly to position the PopTop on the vehicle and slip the hook under the trunk lid or license-plate frame, then position the cord lock against the hook to lock the PopTop in place.
On the windshield, slip the PopTop's flap under the windshield wipers to completely cover the windshield, thus completing the installation .  
Starting at the rear of the vehicle, loosen the cord lock and unfasten the hook from the trunk lid. On the passenger side, walk toward the front of the vehicle while holding the nylon cords.
Draw the cords together to gather the material and let it settle onto the windshield .
Remove the PopTop's flap from under the windshield wipers and position the material on top of the flap.
Remove the mirror pocket from the passenger-side mirror and begin to roll the material across the windshield. Remove the mirror pocket and starter strap from the driver-side mirror and continue rolling the PopTop toward the driver's side on top of the flap. When the storage bag is exposed open it and turn it inside out over the rolled-up material, then loop the storage-bag strap into place.
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